7/19/07 – It’s a Dog’s Life

Banner by the pool

Banner continues to get better every day. He’s still on leave from “work” and enjoys time by the pool relaxing.


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  1. 1

    Yeah for Banner! Here is a message for him, Bow-wow, bark, sniff. And for Larry, Good job
    guy! Many hugs coming your way. Marsha Petrie Sue

  2. 2

    Hi Banner, I love your poolside picture. I’m so sorry you got hurt, but you did a brave thing taking care of Larry. You’re my hero.

    My Human, Beth, is kind of dense sometimes too when things are going wacko. She almost stepped on me this morning! But then, I’m only 5 pounds and sometimes hard to see! LOL

    She says I probably would be scared of you cuz I’m only as big as your front paw. But I’m brave too! I was yelling at the Rottweillers next door just this morning.
    Well, you take care, buddy. Glad those airline people were there to help you.
    Keep your fur dry,
    Love, Xena

  3. 3

    KC Catt said,

    Yo Dude! I heard about your nasty injury….Ewwww!
    I hate the sight of blood unless it is coming from a scratch I inflicted on some “two-legger” LOL…..
    I broke a bone in my foot and it really ruined the last few weeks for me…except the idiot humans keep giving me these awesome little pills! Dude if you don’t have them ask for them by name! It is called Vicodin….Man, I am higher than my human’s speaking fees! LOL
    Even after you are better keep limping…they are suckers for it….you can milk this deal out for months! Maybe next time the tall guy and his goofy friend take you with them to some bar and they order a beer…
    you can get them to order a “Kilt Lifter” for the hardest working dog in NSA….YOU!
    See ya….wouldn’t want to be ya!

  4. 4

    courtneyuvh said,

    Hi Banner It is Courtney your nurse from University animal hospital it was good to see you today, and I am glad you are doing better. Keep up with the Blogging!!!!

  5. 5

    Hey Banner,
    McFritz here – “wonder Scottie” and I’m wondering what’d you do to get to lie by that beautiful pool and hang out in the sun all day? You must have some important position and carry a lot of weight at your place! Well, I heard you’ve had quite a lot of stress, and had surgery, so you deserve some TLC. Gosh, we will have to get together and I can show you the “ropes” of getting down close to the ground and maneuvering through crowds unnoticed!

    I will get my blog when I do something as heroic as you did — and survived to tell us all about it! I was impressed when I saw your picture on TV! Good job in the interview and good luck to you in your recovery!

  6. 6

    bannerboy said,

    Dear McFritz and Bonnie,
    Unnoticed! I much prefer a grand entrance. When you’re ready to blog, let me know. I’ll lead the way.

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