7/21/07 Banner was found with pen in paw this morning.


It seems he had been busy responding to messages from fans on his BLOG. The expressive experience has been so rewarding that he has been thinking of writing his own memoirs. Stay posted for his progress. He has many “tails” to tell.

Dear Marsha Petrie Sue,

Mr. Larry has indeed been a GOOD BOY! All I have to do is make a few little whiny noises and he’s at my beck and call. Having a guide man has been a stupendous experience.

Your Friend, Banner

Dear Xena,

Thanks for the compliments about my poolside photo! I AM a very handsome guy. If you ever saw me in person you would not be afraid of my big paws. After all, I do have a college education. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite courses was P.E. where I won a blue ribbon for maneuvering through the most difficult obstacle course there ever was with flawless flair. As far as I know, no dog in training has ever been able to come close to my record setting “grace in motion”.

Sincerely, Banner

To My Catt Friend,

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate broken bone incident…. And thanks for the advice about keeping my faithful master jumping to my every command. Did you see that photo of me by the pool? It’s a dog’s life, isn’t it? Why didn’t I think of this medical leave thing before?


Hey Courtney,

It was really fun seeing you again yesterday. Mr. Larry, that’s the guy who follows me around, was in one of these no-nonsense moods after the second time in one day that I chewed through the bandages. Thanks for making it sky blue this time. I have decided that sky blue is my very favorite color!

Luv, Banner


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