7/25-07 – Banner visits the vet

Banner visits the vet

Banner visits his wonderful vet, Dr. Bastec. He has two stitches removed but the rest need to stay. He is being treated for a slight infection in the wound.


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  1. 1

    Yukon Leader Dog said,

    Hello Banner,

    My name is Yukon and, although we went to different schools, we have the same job guiding our humans around. My mama let me hear the story about you, and boy was I scared for you!
    It sounds like you’re doing fine, though, and getting a vacation, which sounds great to me! My mama is making me wear one of those Elizabethan collar horrible cone things, because I got bored at the office and was chewing on my leg. She says that after it gets better, I won’t have to wear it anymore. I wish mama had a job where she would travel around a lot, but she just sits at her desk and counsels college students and stuff like that.

    Wags and licks,

  2. 2

    Bailey your good friend from MN said,

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Maybe you need some R&R in MN. It is a little bit cooler here in the summer and we could just lie around out back under the trees while your wound heals. You, of course, will not be able to play with any of my toys, and if you bring your own toys, I will take them all away from you and tease you with them. Well, it is my house you know, and that’s why I am referred to as the House B*tch!

    It would be fun though if you could visit, I do need someone to torment and tease. I think that will take your mind off the pain and take your focus away from tearing that wrapping off the leg, Love the medical leave bit though, great thinking!

  3. 3

    bannerboy said,

    Hey Yukon,
    Yeah man, these head rigs are a real drag. I never had a problem chewing stuff, my leg included, until I got cut. These two leggers are just trying to keep us healthy… I guess. You’re right about the traveling, I really like it. My best friends are the female flight attendants ’cause they always give me ice. I just love ice!
    Exploring new towns, hotels, and conference centers is fun. It sure beats sitting around the house sporting this dumb collar. I do get to hit the pool now and then. But not since my injury. I’m supposed to have my stiches taken out on Friday. That’s two weeks since I got hurt. Seems like forever to me though.
    Your fellow guide, Banner

  4. 4

    bannerboy said,

    So you think you’re so smart? You think you got all that cool weather and it’s so nice? Well, I got a nice big swimmin’ hole in my back yard. And when my leg is better, I can go in any time I want. Nana Nana Na Nah!!!!
    You think when I come to your house I don’t have any toys? More bad news for you. The tall guy always packs my own personal bone in the suitcase and it’s in my room at your house. You never even see it. Nana Nana Na Nah!!!!
    Oh! One more thing- did you ever notice when the two leggers leave, I go with them and you stay home? Nana Nana Na Nah!!!
    Keep me posted on the weather, and let me know when it hits zero degrees. While you’re freezing your paws off in the snow, I’ll be prancing around the pool with a bone in my mouth sucking up the sunshine.
    Keep in touch. Banner, the wonder dog.

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