7/26-07 – Farm living is the life for me…

Farm Dog Banner - Banner's idea of the ultimate vacation

This photo of Banner just being a “dog” was taken in May of 2007 on Dale and Betty Johansen’s farm in Underwood Minnesota. He was truly enjoying himself. All his friends are anxious for his speedy recovery. Won’t be long and he’ll be rolling, running, and romping like this again.


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  1. 1

    Kookalaka Fettucini Messina said,

    Dear Banner

    You are a good dog. My mom works at Southwest Airlines and told me all about your story. I know those People she works with LUV dogs and I am very glad they helped you and your dad.

    Get well soon.


  2. 2

    bannerboy said,

    Dear Kooky,
    Boy have I been busy! I’m on the mend, as you know, and getting my stride back, so the tall guy has me on an exercise regimen. We walked at the mall yesterday. It was pretty cool. I was the only dog there.
    Tell your Mom I LOVE Southwest Airlines and all the people that work there too.

  3. 3

    Jim, Carol, and Thomas Johansen said,

    Hey Banner,

    It was great to see you on vacation. We are glad to see you had a good time. We have been thinking about you and tracking you on your blog. We were happy to see that you and Larry are out and about again. Hope the recovery continues to go well.

  4. 4

    bannerboy said,

    Hey there you Johansens!
    Yeah man, that farm livin’ was sure fine. I can’t remember when I had so much fun running around at full speed. There’s somthing about the breeze flapping at my ears and ticklin’ my nose…. it just makes me want to sit down and howl! Looking forward to my next visit to the tundra territory. It’s sure is nice up there when it’s not forty below. You guys keep an eye on the old man. I heard he nicked his finger and got some stiches while working in the barn. I know allllll about stiches. Did he get on t.v. too?
    Adios, Banner Boy

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