8/02/07 Back on the Street Again….

The summer monsoon weather has hit the deserts. With the morning temperatures much cooler, Banner has begun his rehabilitation exercises. The first couple of days he took short walks around the block at an even pace. By the 3rd day, he was returning to his curious and spunky self, so the route was expanded. With this renewed zest for his work, it was time to see how he would handle crowds.

So, on the 4th day it was off to the local shopping mall for an early morning stroll. The pedestrian traffic is mild prior to the stores opening and this would provide an easy way to slide him back into the situations he encounters at airports, hotels and convention centers.

Banner blended in with the morning “mall walkers” and never missed a beat. He navigated in and around the people, baby strollers and maintenance workers as he always does. Now his routes will be increased to build his strength and stamina. Before too long he’ll be up to his full potential and ready for a few laps around the pool!


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