On The Road Again…

I took Larry to the airport last week to greet those wonderful lifesavers who work at Southwest Airlines.  What with security and all of that stuff, they made us wait outside the check point.  But when I heard their voices, I got all excited and in a very uncharacteristic way, I let my emotions take hold.  I surprised everybody by leaping up and kissing a whole bunch of faces.  Tammy, the shy one, kind of stood back a little.   Then she started crying.  Happy tears, she called them.  Followed by happy hugs.  It was a good time had by all.  Reunions are like that.  So now that I’m pretty well healed, I’m out and about with Larry most everyday.  It’s a great life.   Keep your tail a waggin’, Banner         


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    Linda said,


    What a wonderful guide dog you are. I am the Lion that always wants to give hugs even when Mr. Larry would rather I didn’t. I hope you are recovering nicely and do not have to go back to work too soon. Make Larry wait on you and tell him to give exta love to you from a friend in Kansas.

    Linda Mccormick

  2. 2

    Midnight said,

    Hi Banner! My name is Midnight and I’m a guide dog in training with the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. my mom just came across your video on youtube.com and is very glad to here you are doing better!
    I hope one day to be just like you!! Helping someone around! Right now I”m just 14 weeks old so i’m just ggetting used to this whole “guide dog puppy” thing…oh mom say’s i’m rambling so i have to go
    get well very soon!!

    Guide Dog In Training
    Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

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